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Termites are insects that thrive underground but come up to the surface to forage for plant-based and wood-based food. Termites can leave behind massive damage if left unchecked. Every year, termites cause around $5 billion in property damage throughout the United States. These costs are rarely covered by homeowners insurance, and to cut termite damage costs, prompt and effective termite extermination is necessary.

If you suspect that you may have termites, call us right away, for quick termite extermination and a stop to further damage. Reno Pest Control Pros is ready to assess, treat, and exterminate your termite problems. Call us at (775) 305-3785 or contact us today to get started with your termite extermination in Reno, Nevada!

Termite Extermination In Reno, Nevada

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Types and Risks of Termites

There are many different types of species of termites, but drywood termites and subterranean termites are the most prevalent in Nevada. While each species thrives in different climates and consumes different types and quantities of wood and pulp, termites live in soil and create large tunnel systems to feed on above-ground food. Termites are known as “silent destroyers” because a homeowner may not know that they actually have termite problems until after significant damage has occurred.

Termites will chew through the wood framing that holds up your property silently, and typically, termite infestations show little exterior signs of damage. This is why it is extremely important to have routine termite inspections from a licensed pest controller with expertise and training in termite detection. We know what to look for when checking for all types of termite issues.

Termite Extermination by Reno Pest Control Pros

Reducing Termite Risks and Damages

You can reduce your termite infestation risks or have them exterminated early by using Reno’s best termite treatment to effectively get rid of these and other wood-eating pests. Prolonged existence of these tiny friends can leave your home structurally unsafe and unsanitary.

Our Pest Control Specialists are experts in termite treatment and offer proven, effective solutions and ecologically safe ways to combat termites without damaging the environment and your health. We are trained and certified in the latest scientific approaches to solving your pesky pest problems, and we will inspect your home inside and out for any signs of termite damage. If we find any damage, we will work with you to remedy the problem.

Termite extermination in Reno, Nevada

Early Control of Termites

With termites, the best protection is early detection. Termite infestation can lead to costly repairs and mounting frustration if it remains untreated. Termites cost property owners in the United States around $5 billion in damages every year. If you find signs of termite activities on your premises, you need a termite extermination service to quickly restore your sense of comfort, sanitation, and safety.

Early control of termites is vital, especially at any property that has already suffered previous termite damage. To deliver the best and most effective termite colony control solutions, we provide our service technicians with continuous training programs to ensure that their knowledge on termites and other pests is up-to-date with the latest advances in effective termite control and mitigation strategies.

Termite Bait by Reno NV Pest Control Pros

Termite Monitoring & Baiting

Our dynamic and innovative whole-property termite solutions use discreetly placed passive unobtrusive monitoring stations. Our termite experts routinely monitor these stations for termite activity. If termites are detected, we add bait to the system, which will be highly palatable for termites. To be effective, our baits contain ingredients that are proven to inhibit termite colony growth. As the bait is shared and spread, it exterminates the entire colony until it can no longer sustain itself.

Like the rest of our pest control solutions, the chemicals we apply to achieve termite extermination are organic and eco-friendly. They are child-resistant and pet safe. Because of this, we can apply our pesticides both inside and outside your home without disrupting your everyday routine.

Termite extermination company in Reno, Nevada

Termite Extermination

Whenever possible, we prefer to target termite nests directly. Because drywood termites are attracted to wood, they often move their nests inside wall cavities. This requires drilling a series of small pilot holes into the damaged wall area to determine where the termite nest is located, and then applying termiticides such as Taurus SC, Termidor SC, or borates directly to the infestation.

Unfortunately, completing this repair will require invasive drilling into and opening up the wall to access the termites and exterminate the termite infestation. Since the drywall and studs will have seen some significant damage, we will connect you with a licensed, bonded and insured general contractor to remove the damaged wood and replace it with new wall components.

Termite Fumigation by Reno NV Pest Control Pros

Termite Fumigation

Fumigation can track and kill termites in the household. Our nontoxic fumigation treatments are done by a well-trained team with a licensed fumigator. These treatments will get rid of termites and preserve your wood and building structure.

The fumigation process introduces gaseous chemicals into closed or inaccessible spaces inside walls, floors, roofs, or attics that are inaccessible to conventional pesticides but are where pests such as termites may thrive. We recommend fumigation inside these and other closed and inaccessible spaces.

We work in ongoing research and development of closed-space fumigation solutions that maximize safety and effectiveness, and you will benefit from our ongoing forward-thinking work in this area!

Local Experts in Termite Extermination

As the local experts in termite extermination in Reno, Nevada, we are a top choice for homeowners and business owners looking for effective termite treatments. We know the best, safest, and most effective termite extermination solutions that will protect your home or business from termite damage. 

Not only are we proud of our quality customer service, but we are also proud to be local exterminators knowledgeable of Reno-specific infestations and pest issues. We make sure that we use effective and safe methods to exterminate termites so that you can trust us as your professional exterminators. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive customer service guarantee that will ensure your satisfaction with our termite extermination services.

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