Some Popular Bed Bug Treatment Tips and Strategies

One of the best ways to get rid of a problem with bed bugs is by using a bed bug treatment. Unfortunately, there is an enormous amount of misinformation on the Internet regarding the best methods to take care of bedbugs. Fortunately, there are some simple steps to follow that will help you deal with this infestation more effectively.

Reduce Clutter

Begin by removing all personal items such as clothing, dolls, soft toys, bedding, blankets, etc. from the affected area. We recommend storing removed items in plastic bags or storage bins to prevent bed bugs in these likely contaminated items from spreading.

Launder the Bagged Infested Items

By running a full wash/rinse/dry laundry cycle on infested items, you will remove bed bugs from these items. If possible, use hot water and a high-temperature dryer cycle.

Dismantle Bed Frames and Bedroom Furniture

By dismantling bed frames and other infested furniture, you may discover bed bug hiding and infestation sites that can be cleaned up. Cleaning and encasing the mattress and box spring with a bed bug mattress cover for a year or more will starve bed bugs and prevent them from attacking you at night.

Deep-Clean Nightstands, Chests, and Dresser Drawers

Bed bugs love to hide inside nightstands, chests, and dresser drawers. Pulling bedroom furniture away from walls for deep-cleaning will make it less hospitable to bed bugs.

Scrub, Vacuum, and Clean the Affected Area

If possible, begin by scrubbing any infested surfaces with a stiff brush to dislodge bed bug eggs. Once complete, vacuum the and the affected areas extensively. When vacuuming, use a vacuum hose attachment to thoroughly suction walls, floorboards, baseboards, carpeting tack strips, and furniture. Vacuum along furniture such as bed stands, headboards, footboards, and chests.

Bed bugs tend to hold tightly to surfaces, so the most effective vacuuming strategy is to use a setting where you are scraping the vacuum over the infested areas to pull out as many bed bugs as possible. Avoid using an attachment with bristles, because the bristles may transfer bed bugs to other previously noninfested areas through the brush. Dispose of vacuum cleaner refuse immediately after finishing in an outdoor trash can.

Don’t have time to do deep-cleaning to reduce bed bugs yourself? Just give us a call to get your bed bugs professionally exterminated!

Caulking and Sealing

Bed bug habitats and harborage areas can often be blocked simply by caulking areas where pipes, wires, or wall sockets penetrate walls. This seals infestations away from other non-infested areas of your home, reducing potential harborage areas.

Homeowners with prior experience in dealing with bed bugs may be able to control bed bug infestations on their own. However, most homeowners often lack the time and energy to manage bed bug infestations on their own in these ways, and find it easier to simply hire a professional. The most effective bed bug treatments cover the entire house, as well as affected beds and mattresses. Here at Reno Pest Control Pros, we know the right way to approach bed bugs and have experience exterminating hundreds of bed bug infestations in Reno. As always, we are happy to offer our services to you. Let us know how we can help!