How to Choose the Best Termite Restoration Company

If you are concerned that your home might be infested w termites, you should act quickly. The longer you wait to get help, the further the termites are likely to spread throughout your home.  Hopefully, you have noticed evidence of termites early, which will help you better control the inconvenience and costs of termite restoration and damage remediation.

You should not want to allow just any handyman to offer to fix your termite problems. An inexperienced termite contractor could actually worsen your infestation problems and cause further damage to the structural integrity of your home. Do not risk the quality of your home on a low-quality termite contractor. Vet all potential contractors carefully.

Get a Pest Control Company with the Right Credentials

Before hiring a termite repair technician, verify that he or she holds the required certifications from the state of Nevada. The Nevada Department of Environmental Quality offers information about licensure and can help you get started with the repair process.

Once you have found licensed technicians near you, ask each one for more information about the licenses they hold. Unfortunately, technicians without full licensing may lack the necessary training to do the job and may leave the job incomplete.

Seek a Realistic Estimate

An experienced termite restoration company will perform a thorough inspection of your property and give you a firm estimate based on the level of damage found. He or she will thoroughly examine both the interior and exterior of your home, taking notes of termite warning signs and explaining their process. Be wary of service providers who cannot offer a firm estimate or who offer lowball estimates. These providers may not include all of the required work and may seek additional money once they begin construction.

Do not rely on a single company, but get second opinions by obtaining estimates from several contractors. Take note of any estimates that seem unusually low.

Beware of Companies Offering a Secret Termite Restoration Magic Formula

In the pest control industry, there are no silver bullets. There are no proprietary techniques for treating termites, but just plain hard work. Be wary of anyone trying to sell you a secret formula or proprietary termite treatment technique. There are only a few tried-and-true termite damage treatments, and none of them are secret. A quality contractor will be willing to discuss the remediation process in detail and keep you informed on the progress of the work every step of the way.

Ask For a Quality Guarantee

A good contractor will offer a detailed written warranty and will guarantee that quality termite restoration work is done. A good warranty should spell out exactly what repairs need to be performed and what rights are available to the homeowner. In addition, the warranty should clarify when ongoing termite inspections should be done or what retreatment options are available if termites reappear.

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