Why Bed Bug Removal is Important

Bed bug removal is a serious matter that nearly always requires the services of a professional. If bed bugs have infested your home, you will need to decide whether to hire a professional exterminator or attempt to do it yourself.

Bed bugs are a pest insect that was first discovered in Europe in the 1930s. Bed bugs can survive and thrive in even the most well-kept places. They are found nearly everywhere – in hotels, homes, hospitals, transit stations, buses, planes, and even airports! Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures. They are active at night and sleep or hide during the day in cracks, creases, and other small areas.

Because bed bugs are very small in size, they can actually fit inside your mattress or pillow. If you have a bed bug infestation, you might notice them crawling around or may experience a bite or sting.

Removing Bed Bugs Yourself

If you choose to attempt your own bed bug removal, you will need to take a good look around your home. Grab a flashlight, some paper towels and cleaning supplies, a vacuum cleaner, or a broom, and clean the affected areas.

Cleaning the affected areas will reduce the number of bed bugs in the infestation, but rarely exterminates the infestation. If you plan to attempt your own bed bug removal, you will be cleaning up bed bugs nearly every day just to keep their populations manageable.

In order to get rid of these insects and achieve full extermination, you will need to hire the services of a professional pest control company.

Finding a Bed Bug Removal Company Near You

Research the bed bug control companies in your area to find a bed bug company, you should contact a bed bug control company near you to have them come out and get rid of the infestation. Research the tools and technologies that your bed bug pest controller offers. The best pest controllers will use the latest technologies and methods such as steam application or heat treatment to quickly get bed bugs out of your home.

Your pest controller will tell you what techniques and equipment is best for your specific situation. Since some bed bugs are resistant to pesticides, your exterminator should identify the type of bed bug you have and provide you with treatment plans and options.

A good exterminator will give you information to spot and deal with future bed bug infestations, should they be accidentally reintroduced into your home.

Bed Bug Extermination and Removal in Reno, Nevada

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